Thank you for your interest in Patriot Majority and our patriotic mission to create jobs, promote economic development and preserve the American Dream for all families. In our effort to make America stronger at home and across the world, we endorse the patriotic observation of President Theodore Roosevelt, who noted, "A great democracy must be progressive or it will soon cease to be a great democracy."

Patriot Majority was formed in December 2005 and has actively communicated with citizens throughout the United States, in approximately 30 states, for the past eight years.

Patriot Majority USA – our 501(c)(4) -- has been widely recognized for its well defined, multi-year, nonpartisan primary purpose, which is to work on economic solutions and encourage job creation throughout the United States.  In addition, we have worked for several years on nonpartisan voter empowerment as a way of economically enfranchising Americans in all regions of the country.

On a daily basis, Patriot Majority USA’s website provides updates on trending news, economy and jobs, national security, China and its relationship with the United States, voter empowerment, elections and politics, and energy and environment.  We encourage you to access these updates and also to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

In 2012, Patriot Majority USA conducted a successful national campaign – – targeting billionaires like the Koch Brothers for spending hundreds of millions of dollars to advance their special interests at the expense of firefighters, police officers, children and other Americans.  Last year, as well, we commissioned a national poll quantifying that a majority of Americans believe that billionaires like the Koch Brothers put profits before patriotism (

Patriot Majority USA’s plans for future legislative advocacy, at both at the national and state levels, are based on the goals of the Patriot Majority Action Plan (  Our primary purpose of encouraging economic development in the United States has been recognized for several years by the Internal Revenue Service.  The political work that we do is secondary to the larger economic mission if the Patriot Majority Action Plan.

In addition to encouraging economic development throughout the United States, Patriot Majority and our independent PAC have conducted independent political communications in approximately 30 states and jurisdictions, including the Massachusetts governor’s race in 2006; Ohio issues ad in 2007; six Senate races and 16 Congressional races in 2008; the Boston mayor’s race in 2009; the re-election of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and three Congressional races in 2010; and five Senate races, seven Congressional races and a three-state Presidential ad buy in the 2012 election cycle.

To contact us, please email, or mail us at Patriot Majority, P. O. Box 35522, Washington, DC 20033-5522.

Thank you, again, for your interest in Patriot Majority and patriotic mission to create jobs, promote economic development and preserve the American Dream for all families!