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Patriot Majority USA is pursuing a long-term program to protect American freedom and economically empower all Americans. The Patriot Majority Action Plan will create and protect opportunities for all Americans, while making our country stronger here at home and across the world. We encourage you to share your ideas and to make suggestions on how to expand and localize the Patriot Majority Action Plan. For America to move forward in the 21st Century, it will take all of us working together. And that starts here – with you.

  1. Protect American freedom and resist authoritarianism.

  2. Protect voting rights and encourage broad participation in our American elections as a means to enfranchise Americans both politically and economically.

  3. Update our vital infrastructure through construction projects that create jobs, improve American economic security and bring our country’s roads and bridges up to 21st century standards, including a comprehensive “American Made” energy-independence policy, encompassing production of domestic oil, gas, wind, solar and biofuels.

  4. Invest in America’s public schools and students, from early childhood education through higher education, in order to ensure that working- and middle-class families have the access to a quality education that is essential to keep America competitive in the global economy.

  5. Protect America’s economic and electoral systems from foreign adversaries determined to undermine America’s freedoms and institutions.

  6. Oppose fiscal and employment policies that are designed to eliminate workers’ hard-earned rights, pay and benefits.

  7. Preserve Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other healthcare protections from TrumpCare and other efforts to raise insurance rates and take away healthcare from millions of Americans.

  8. Close tax loopholes for special interests and stop corporate welfare, which harms middle-class Americans, working families, and small businesses.

  9. Advocate for comprehensive campaign finance reform that increases transparency and limits the influence of greedy special interests who abuse the process in order to buy elections and, in the process, undermine the middle class, working families and deprive their fellow Americans of any chance of achieving the American Dream.

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