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November 11, 2018

Patriot Majority USA Airs New National TV Ad About “For the People” Agenda

Patriot Majority USA is launching a new national television ad campaign showing Democrats are united behind the winning agenda of “For the People” – standing up to special interests to lower health care costs, increase pay through infrastructure investment, and cleaning up corruption.  The ad shows how we can stand up for our values and make Washington work for people. The six-figure television ad buy starts on Sunday Shows today and runs through Thanksgiving on national cable.


In 2018, more House seats flipped to the Democrats than in any Congressional election since 1922.


“While voters’ dislike of Donald Trump was the backdrop of the midterms, our data showed that voters were actively voting for Democratic candidates who shared their values,” said Ali Lapp, Chief House Strategist for Patriot Majority USA. Lapp is also President of House Majority PAC. “Voters saw a Democratic agenda focused on the people – taking on special interests to lower health care costs, increase pay with infrastructure investments and cleaning up corruption. Democrats have the people behind us, a clear agenda and the team ready to go on day one. As people head to their Thanksgiving dinner, this ad campaign makes sure families know what House Democrats stand for and are ready to fight for it.”

The ad can be viewed via the link below.




We’ve been counted out.

Frozen out.

And forgotten.

By a White House and Washington mired in special interest politics.

But we can take our country back -- with a Democratic agenda for the people.

That means lowering health care costs.

Increasing pay through rebuilding America.

And cleaning up corruption.

AND it means having the strength to stand up for our values.                                 

It’s time to make Washington work for the people, again.​

June 12, 2018

Patriot Majority Launches TV Ads in NJ

Patriot Majority USA will begin airing television ads in New Jersey’s 1st and 5th Congressional Districts today calling on Congressman Donald Norcross and Congressman Josh Gottheimer to protect health care for seniors.


The 30-second television ads will air in their respective districts throughout the summer.  


Patriot Majority President Craig Varoga said that the ads are especially important as Congress debates changes to our health care laws.


“Seniors across the country are threatened by rising health care costs. As Congress and the Administration consider changes to existing laws that could increase health insurance premiums and make it harder for our seniors to get the prescriptions they need, we need Congress to oppose the age tax and fight on behalf of our seniors.”

The ads can be viewed on our "Ads" page.

February 28, 2018

Patriot Majority PAC Launches TV & Digital Ads Supporting Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania Special Election

Patriot Majority PAC will begin airing television ads in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District today, Wednesday, February 28, in support of Democrat Conor Lamb in the special election taking place on Tuesday, March 13.

The 30-second television ad, “Promotion,” will air in the district over the next two weeks. Patriot Majority PAC began running digital ads in the district last week.

February 21, 2018

Today, Patriot Majority USA released new poll results conducted by Public Policy Polling in fourteen competitive Congressional districts. Voters in these districts have strong concerns about the GOP tax plan and the healthcare plan and would be less likely to support Republicans in these already competitive districts if they move forward with the plan.


“The numbers don’t lie, the GOP and their agenda just isn’t resonating with voters throughout the country,” said President of Patriot Majority USA Craig Varoga. “As House races across the country continue to look competitive for Democrats, Speaker Ryan and the Republican Party continue to double down on a bad agenda.”


The polls also show the deep unpopularity of President Trump and the even greater unpopularity of House Speaker Paul Ryan.


The memo details the results of polls of districts represented by vulnerable Republican incumbents and competitive open seats: CA-25, CA-39, CA-49, FL-27, IA-01, KS-02, KY-06, ME-02, MI-11, MN-03, NJ-11, NY-19, TX-23, and WA-08.

December 19, 2017

Congressional Republicans Vulnerable in Upcoming Re-Elections

Our new survey finds that 8 incumbent Members of Congress from California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are in fact quite vulnerable in their upcoming re-elections, and they should be open to persuasion on the tax plan, particularly if they are listening to their constituents who have strong concerns about both the idea of a Republican tax plan and its key components.

November 14, 2017

Congressional Race in NJ-02 Will Be Competitive

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