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Pay for Rick Saccone’s

Lavish Meals

Rick Saccone has an “appetite for fine dining” and routinely “eats breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, and dinners that lobbyists pay for in Harrisburg.” And Saccone billed Pennsylvanians $435,172, using his expense account in his first seven years as a state legislator in Harrisburg. $435,172 – that’s seven years of paychecks (median household income PA18 in 2016 is $63,825, according to US Census) and enough money to buy three houses (local median home value is $130,400). On top of that, Rick Saccone has a taxpayer-funded salary of $87,180. And now, Harrisburg politician Rick Saccone wants a promotion to the United States Congress.

Say NO to Rick Saccone

  • "Saccone admitted the lobbyist-paid meal stories are true."  (The Morning Call, 9/29/17)

  • "Expense records show that Rick Saccone (R), who is running in the upcoming Pennsylvania special election for Congress, spent $435,172 in taxpayer money using his expense account in his first seven years as a state lawmaker."(Political Wire, February 1, 2018)

  • "Records maintained by the Pennsylvania General Assembly show that Saccone has billed taxpayers for a variety of questionable expenses."  (The Intercept, 2/1/18)

  • "Pennsylvania lawmakers earn a base salary of $87,180, second only to their counterparts in California."  (The Intercept, 2/1/18)

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