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Conor Lamb - Captain in the United States Marine Corps, graduate of Central Catholic High School and federal prosecutor who successfully put dangerous drug dealers behind bars - is the Democrat running for Congress in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.  Conor grew up in Mount Lebanon and went to college and law school at the University of Pennsylvania. Before being appointed as a federal prosecutor, he served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. After completing active duty in 2013, Conor joined the Marine Corps Reserves. While serving as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Conor led prosecutions against drug dealers, and violent criminals, while also establishing the Justice Department’s local office as a national leader in the war against the heroin epidemic, building partnerships between law enforcement and community members.  Conor Lamb has a proven record of helping the people of our community, and he is one of us.  He is ready to serve, on day one.


  • Captain, United States Marine Corps

  • Graduate, Central Catholic High School

  • United States Prosecutor

  • Put Dangerous Drug Dealers Behind Bars

  • Standing Up to the Special Interests

  • Ready to Serve on Day One


  • Take Immediate Action to Fight the Heroin Crisis 

  • Create and Protect Good Jobs

  • Make Healthcare More Affordable

  • Protect Medicare and Social Security 

  • Reform Our Broken Student Loan System 

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