ABC News: “Nearly 21 million people are grappling with substance use disorder, with only one in 10 getting treatment for the condition, according to a lengthy new report released today by the U.S. surgeon general. Currently, the number of people with a substance use disorder exceeds the number of people diagnosed with cancer -- any kind of cancer, according to the report. This means at least one in seven people will develop a substance use problem at some point during their lives, the report states. And, while approximately 32,744 people died from car accidents in 2014, the report found that approximately 50,000 people died from either an opioid, alcohol or other drug overdose that year.”

WSJ: “After an especially deadly weekend, Chicago’s spiraling violence passed a grim new milestone: more than 600 murders so far this year, up 45% from the same period last year and a level that hasn’t been seen in more than a decade.”


With Donald Trump in so much trouble this weekend, Americans in all 50 states might be asking:  Who is Mike Pence?

Earlier this week, on the same day that Indiana’s Republican Governor took part in this year’s vice presidential debate, Pence’s State Police raided the largest voter-registration program in the state of Indiana.  The registrations targeted for suppression by Pence’s state police are overwhelmingly African Americans. 

Read the full release below:


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